Saturday, May 21, 2011

Far to Go by Alison Pick - a 2011 Fiction Book

Alison Pick is a young Canadian poet and a novelist. She has already won awards and attention.
Far to Go is her second novel.
The book is about the fate of a Jewish family who lives in Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia. The action starts in 1939 when Hitler invades the country, not only with his Army, but with his propaganda, his philosophy, his murderous obsessions.
The Bauer family does not practice their religion: they think it makes them safe: it was a common mistake of the victims of Hitler: many Jewish people thought they were safe because they had become Catholics or did not practice their religion. But nothing stopped the hate of the Nazis. One Jewish hero of my book Vague Souvenir makes the same mistake: he feels more French than Jewish, he was a French soldier during World War 1, he is a peaceful old teacher who does not understand what is going on, but he will be a victim of the Holocaust anyways.

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