Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Frank Delaney - a 2011 fiction book

Delaney is a prolific author with several books on World War 2. His last title is The Matchmaker of Kenmare: A Novel of Ireland. The book has been dubbed "perfect for book clubs": it has a mix of action and romance and the heroes travel from Ireland to France and Germany.
The matchmaker is an Irish girl who marries an American officer who disappears. The  narrator, Ben McCarthy is a folklore collector who follows her in her quest for her husband.
The book has the charm and rhythm that only an Irish author can give. People who like it are enchanted, people who don't find it meandering. I guess that if you want action in a taut story (like in John Sanford' s or Lee Child's books), it is not for you. If you like to take your time and you delight in everything Irish, go for it.
What I like is that the author has the courage to question Irish neutrality during the war. I am giving him five stars for that: I never got over the Irish neutrality stand.

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