Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Robert Dinsdale- a 2011 fiction book

I have not read this book, but I know the author has a very special voice. He has written a book taking place during WW 1, which describes a mythical conflict between two brothers: The Harrowing available right now only from Amazon.UK (May 2011).

If Three Miles is in the same vein, you will find the book much closer to Kafka or Dino Buzzati Tartar Steppe

Three Miles 

Description (text copied from Amazon)

It's Leeds, 1940: a city on fire. On the night of the Luftwaffe's fiercest bombardment, Captain Abraham Matthews has finally caught up with Albie Crowe, the champion of a gang of petty thieves and professional plunderers who he has been intent on snaring these past six months. Holed up in a brick air-raid shelter at the scrub end of Woodhouse Moor, Abraham and Albie wait for the sirens to end and justice to come. But word is out that Abraham has, at last, ensnared Albie Crowe. Even as the sirens wail, a gang of Albie's loyal boys are picking their way across the city to rescue their leader and fell his captor. It's down to Captain Abraham Matthews, then. All he has to do is ferry his charge three miles across the city to reach the station at the end of Meanwood Road. Along the way, there will be ruptured roads and columns of fire, killers will lurk in the shadows, secrets long buried will be unearthed and the dark history between the two men will finally unfold. It's going to be one hell of a night.
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