Friday, July 8, 2011

First reviews!

First reviews of my book came up on Amazon. It is encouraging!
Review by Chere Peterson
All the elements are here - intrigue, avarice, money, tyranny, ugly, raw power, passion - all circling the experiences of a extra-ordinarily bright little girl who came of age in the middle of it all in Vichy France.
For Lambert there seems to be much autobiographical material, for she truly was the little bird in the wall, right there in the middle of the War in France. The scientist in her documents the truths in footnotes. The child-poet in her relays gilded portraits of man's inhumanity to man, a family with disparate and conflicting allegiances, how Hitler ripped Germany out of the Depression and built an amazing industrial nation of war machines. Compactly written, the story weaves its way from Warm Springs, GA to England, France, Spain, Belgium and Portugal. But read carefully and you will hear this quiet voice of a little girl saying," I was there and saw it all."

Review by Dr Bob

This novel is a fascinating look at the ways in which cultural differences are reconciled in times of war, how personal relationships play a role in politics and how a hero's aspirations can prevail over difficult odds. There are ways in which certain potent moments of history inform how we currently live, and this novel will leave you reflecting on where we are today economically, politically and culturally.
An engaging and entertaining read!

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